Benefits of Healthy Lawns

Climate Control

Turf grass serve as a natural air conditioner. The grass of eight average front lawns have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning, roughly equal to 16 average homes.

Dust Filter

Turf grass trap dust and smoke particles and act as an air filter.

Erosion Control

Grass and their extensive root systems hold the soil and prevent the rain drops from disturbing the soil, helping to reduce runoff and reduce the amount of water the municipal drain systems have to handle.

Noise Reducer

Turf areas can reduce noise levels by 8 to 10 decibels.

Water Filter

Grasses slow water movement and help to clean and protect surface water.

Environmental Benefits

Grass plants capture and use greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. A 50 by 50 foot lawn can produce enough oxygen for a family of 4 to breathe for 1 year. Turf acts as a barrier to chemicals and other pollutants in our environment.